How To Stream HQ Music To Twitter Spaces

Sharing your music on Twitter Spaces is truly the most humbling experience of all for web3 musicians and Space’s Hosts. All your talent, intricate arrangement, and the flawless mix are transported 50 years in the past at the quality of an FM radio on a remote destination. This guide prepared by my dear friend and fellow musician Rivers will help you stream high-quality music to Twitter spaces.

Everything you need is easy to find, and you probably have most of what’s already required.  In fashion with my life as a guitarist, I’m proud to say a piece of guitar gear is what saves the day this time.

Streaming Your Computer To Twitter Spaces For iPhone

The Basics - What you need

If you’re into music production or streaming, you most likely own the major part of what’s needed to stream on Twitter Spaces. You need some cables, an audio interface, and a guitar iRig interface for the final touch.

All the gear needed is on this Image, and the links to find them are below.

What you need to stream HQ music in Twitter Spaces
What you need to stream HQ music in Twitter Spaces

(or any other audio interface to connect to your computer)

(Alternative to Focusrite Solo)

How To Setup Your Twitter Space Stream

Step 1 -Use the male-to-male RCA cables to connect to the line outputs of your audio interface.

If you have another Audio Interface, the only difference is the back of the interface. If it's like the M -Audio, you will need the DUAL TRS cable to RCA cable.  Pictured above and shown as the second pic below.

Step 2 - Connect the other male end to the Philmore 6.35mm 1/4" Stereo Male to Dual RCA Female Y Audio Adapter Cable.

Step 3 - Connect the 1/4" stereo plug male pin to your iRig2

Step 4 - Connect your Apple Lightning to a 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter to the iRig2’s male audio pin.

Now for the “tricky part”

Step 5 - Insert the 3.5mm TRS to TRRS Microphone Cable, Ancable 1/8 Male to Male Coiled Right Angle Mic Cord to the iRig2 audio jack and connect to the other end of the Headphone Splitter 3.5mm Audio Stereo Y Splitter Extension Cable Male to Female Dual Headphone Jack Adapter for Earphone Headset as you see the image below.

Hook up one end to your headphones and the other to the audio interface, and you’re done! Now you can stream audio from your computer onto Twitter Space, Clubhouse etc.

Streaming Your Computer To Twitter Spaces For Android

If you use Android, you can use the Bluestack app on your computer.  Please see this link for a tutorial on installing Bluestack on your computer.

Windows tutorial for Bluestack:


Troubleshooting issues or additional help needed?

Follow and DM on Twitter @rivers_tez with all your questions or ask here.

Additional Resources for WEB3 Musicians

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